1. Notice the one secret service agent is the only nigger in the whole place. Nobody you shake him down and you’ll find the watch. F*ckin’ thieving nigger.

    Don Imus
  2. Don Imus is completely correct, although he seems to be in mexico, the watch was clearly stolen by the black person, they have their ways…

  3. Don’t be jealous. All you have to do is dye your skin, learn our culture, and start a black family. Then we will teach you how we can steal things from across the room without even having to touch them. Its been a black secret since the dawn of time.

  4. Nice one Sam, but I’m afraid neither Don Imus or whitepower will get the sarcasm. Not that I think they could get any other kind of ironical or figurative expression…

    I can’t believe there’s still people really believing ths kind of prejudice, but maybe they’re joking, and I don’t get it because I’m just a poor italian (you know Don, the ones who eat only pizza and plays “O Sole Mio” all the time… the mobsters, you know?)


    Howling Wolf
  5. you can clearly see people grabbing at his watch trying to take it off, honestly silly people.

    LMAO Dumb Bush

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