The direct mail company that prepared meth addiction brochures says a “typo” was the problem.

Calling the 800 phone number on the brochure was supposed to link callers with a help line operated by the Tennessee Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services. Instead, the number printed on 200,000 direct mail pieces sent callers to a recorded message where a second 800 number was given.

When the second number was dialed, callers found themselves on a phone sex line and were told “hot girls” were waiting to talk” to them.

Wally Kirby is executive director of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference, which paid for the direct-mail program. Kirby calls it an “unfortunate mistake.”

Alan Brandon of Brandon and Associates Direct Mail in Smyrna says his company hated that it happened. The correct phone number for meth help is 800-889-9789.
Earlier, an insurance company publicized a number to help TennCare enrollees that directed callers to another sex line.

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