1. I am at present in a far off galaxy, having lost all interest in this overworked
    and inconclusive project. Eat the toast and give the cat a rest!!! ABS NO LONGER EXISTS IN ANY FORM!!!

    LIVE LONGER AND PROSPER!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sh Sh!~~~~~

  2. Attempted to send reply for material requested but was returned can you send correct email address?

    Jim Hetler
  3. Sorry, no email address available as this method is closely watched by the competition. We are so very close to a final resolution that even the slightest leak could ruin everything. My investors wouldn’t like that at all.

  4. What would you use to hold the two pieces of toast together and then if you managed this, wouldn’t this just be one piece of toast? One piece of toast buttered on both sides would surely be a violation of principles of physics employed here.

  5. On a related issue…if you take a string and tie it to a sock, and then hold the free end of the string but put the sock in the dryer, you will have a leash on an alternate universe. When the sock is vanished, you will still be holding the string. If you follow the string, you will also disappear from view into the alternate universe.

    I have not attempted this myself, but have read about the adventures of Dr. L.L. Shewg, who desribed his journeys as time travel.

  6. Brian sounds like a good idea if you believe in string theory. Personally. I think the socks just eat one another which explains the torn out toes and heels.

  7. And you can be my doctor. I have this allergy to cats that is making my research difficult. What do you suggest?

  8. i sujest u dig a big hole no huge in the durt hi up from sea levle sink a steel contaner in to it and make your new home coz as of 29 dec 2012 we are all going to pay stik your head between your legs pray 2 whom ever is it u pray 2 so dood luck on that !!!!!!!!!!

    ps not much fun 2 come

    ;-] Dr jab

    Dr jaba
  9. The calendar from which the prediction of D O O M on 12/19/2012 id based was sort of decoded by the same “professional” group that has shown a really poor track record in the past. Assumptions about the little that is know of the Mayan calendar do not impress me. So I will continue to seek funding for my anti-grav work as I hope others will do.
    A little anti-grav and I will just rise above it all. However, if you are serious about this and wish to avoid T H E E N D, I am seeking volunteers to ride on my first cat powered anti-grave device.

  10. Alright, so the cat defies gravity and then what ? Does he just go off floating into space? And if he does, can you hear him meow? We can’t just attach toast to our cats willy nilly, not knowing what the results will be! We need more research before we allow our cats to be used as guinea pigs!!! Think people, think!

  11. Apparently all of you are missing the fatal flaw. This idea of perpetual motion is impossible. Anyone who has ever been owned by a cat should know the impossibility of strapping toast to their backs. I’ve heard some ideas about cats being used for cooling, as they never seem to get hot, also, noticing the flexibility of cats, could possibly be used for lubricating or hydraulics.

  12. I’m just waiting for the stupidest person ever to actually try this. When they do they had better put it on Youtube so i can see a cat with toast on its back spinning like crazy”!!!!!!!!!

  13. in my opinion what should be done is simply tie a piece of buttered toast to a cat with some rope. then BOOM instant endless energy source! plus the cat will remain in stasis where it is neither dead or alive if you simply put the cat/toast combo into a sealed box!…………………..

    But hey! what do i know? it seems as if most of these people are geniuses and rocket scientists whereas im still in high school.


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