guiness world records 2009The 54th edition of the Guinness World Records book has been released. In the 2009 version we can find a few interesting world records such as:

The World’s Oldest Bridesmaid (105 years old)

The Most Expensive Ice-cream Sundae (£12,000)

The World’s Longest Dog, with a nose to tail length of 2m 32cm (7.61 feet)

Oldest living person (114 years and 115 days – Edna Parker, US)

Largest underwater press conference (61 journalists)

Most rotations hanging from a power drill (141)

Worlds fastest talker (655 words per minute)

Fastest suitcase escape (7.04 seconds)

Oldest DNA (800,000 years)

Many of the records in the book were set on last year’s Guinness World Records Day (November 9) when 200,000 people around the world joined in to make or break records as part of the international event.

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  1. its quite funny that the oldest dna is 800,000 years but the earth has only been in space for just a little over 6000 years.

  2. its quite funny that the oldest dna is 800000 years old but the longest the earth has been in space is 6000 years. God created the earth not that long ago.

  3. the underwater press concert also had a puppet show with a squid in a top hat…it was very well done!!!

  4. Natasha is 100% correct. GOD created the earth, universe and all living creatures, including Man, sea, sun, moon, fowl, etc… a little over 6,000 years ago. The dumb ones are the people who totally & blindly believe what certain (not ALL Scientist please note) Scientist wrongly claim is billions of years old.

    They have NO WAY to test their “theories”, yet they claim them to be a fact. A scientific fact must be WITNESSED to be an actual fact. To believe in Creation takes faith & belief as well but as least my faith is not blind but completely based on the Bible, God’s holy word.

    I know this belief is not very popular in today’s times when the “THEORY of evolution” reigns supreme and man is full of sinful pride so much that they want to change even how the earth and man was created… HUMANISM. That way, if they deny Creation, then they deny God and then they are able to live with their conscience and deny Hell which is where ALL the people who have sinned and not confessed their sin to God and asked for God’s salvation through the perfect & sinless blood that Jesus shed on Calvary will be going.

    Humanism & the theory of evolution are Satan’s perfect tools to lift man up and deny the authority, love and punishment of our great God.
    “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Psalm 139:14

    Please know that this is not written with a malicious spirit, anger or in a derogatory manner. I just think it’s so important now more than ever, when Christians should stand and be counted for the cause of Christ. Jesus DIED for my sins and spared me from a Devil’s Hell. I am indebted to Him. It’s as simple as that :0)

  5. In all fairness, you can’t prove God created the world either. So there’s no point having a go saying she can’t prove the big bang didn’t happen.

  6. C’mon guys, don’t let it turn into a bun fight. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Clearly Brandon prefers the more scientific explanation, whereas Paula prefers the more magicy one!

    Who’s to say who’s right or wrong? 😉

    Ian Bisbey
  7. these records are quite cool oh and Natasha I think you are completely correct because I am a scientist

  8. The earth is over 6000 years old, because we have found remains with aging from over 80000 years old. god lied.. get over it. and btw, Mary sat on some sperm. congratz, you have spent your life worshiping a talking (but not really talking) dead guy. Scientist’s rule this world.

  9. i am nathiest sooo i have no clue and im not a scientist…. u guys are crazy fighting over this. think about it. you decide wat u think is the possible and keep it 2 ur self. god guys…!!!!!!


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