Seat savers – a must have for all crowded places!

Do you remember that pretty seat, just next to the window, in your favorite café or that silent library spot that everyone is hunting for? A crushed Cola dose, a melted ice cream, a spilled coffee mug or milk bottle can magically keep all people away. Especially, if they can’t even imagine this is just a prank. 

Just place one of these cute prank replicas on your seat and the chair will be waiting for you when you get back.

food replica

Prank Realistic Food Replicas | Spill Jokes to Buy &Trick (click on the links for prices):

Half Spilled Bag of Candies
Fake Black Coffee Spill
Fake Red Wine Spill
Fake Ice Cream Cone
One replica prop that might not save your seat
Great gift for coffee lovers and a very nice way to prank them
THE gag gift for wine drinkers
Dreaming of this ice cream!! Sweetest seat saver.

In case you’re short on cash, you can have even more fun by doing a realistic prop yourself. Bajablue is teaching you how with a small tutorial on Instructables. A few supplies like a used coffee cup, some glue and a bit of wax and you’re good to go.



I also had a lot of fun watching these guys playing with their fake spill toothpaste. Enjoy! 🙂<>

Prank Realistic Food Replicas | Spill Jokes to Buy &Trick (click on the links for prices):

Spilled Glass Coke Bottle
Spilled Creamer Cups
Fruits Everywhere
Melting Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
A Coke is always a Coke. Spilled or not!
Assorted Set of 3 – Be different every day 🙂
Anyone fancy a cocktail?

After so many many fake sweets, I remembered the real deal. This lovely candy shop in Nice.

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  1. This was done on Art Attack (A UK Kids arts and crafts show) a couple of years ago
    They have nicked that idea and mass produced it

  2. I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this blog. Keep up the great work.

    Alona Malbrough

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