nato summit sniperThe NATO Summit in Bucharest, Romania is starting soon and someone posted a hilarious ad on his blog:

“From my terrace you have a clear view of the People’s House where the NATO 2008 Summit will take place between 2nd and 4th of April. I’m renting out space for whatever needs you might have: TV crew, sniper, etc.


– each spot has 1m width
– multiple spots available
– 24/7 access to the terrace
– soft drinks and snacks included
– access to a bathroom and storage facility (limited availability)

Price: 5000 EUR / spot / day

The comments on the ad are also hilarious.

Read the full message here

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  1. I require this terrace for certain…. needs. will a barratt be too powerful

  2. Would be funnier if they show the accompanying “For rent: WWII Springfield Sniper Rifle – 50 dollars per day” sign.

  3. Is this a joke??? They should also give you some kind of rifle to rent.. Wait this is a joke right?.?.?.?


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