girl scoutsThieves get cookies, $93.50 in change; victimized troop gets $100 donated

WESTMINSTER, Colo. – A pair of con artists ripped off a Girl Scout group when they exchanged a fake $100 bill for cookies, police said.

The unknown couple handed over the bill Friday night at a supermarket, telling the girls it had been washed when asked about why it looked so strange.

“It felt and looked wrong and it was a quarter of an inch shorter than a $1 bill,” said Jil Hennessey-Seabolt, the cookie director for Junior Girl Scouts Troop 2121. Hennessey-Seabolt said the Girl Scouts gave the couple $93.50 in change after the purchase.

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  1. who cares it is only 100 dollars i cant believe this is a big story that was published on msnbc

  2. “Hennessey-Seabolt said the Girl Scouts gave the couple $93.50 in change after the purchase.”
    That’s my favourite part of the whole story. Lol funniest thing I’ve read in awhile.

  3. Sad thing is, this isn’t an unusual occurance. Working at booth sales as a girl scout and assitant leader, we get a lot of fake bills and void checks. Far too many people take advantage of the fact that they are just kids.

  4. That’s sad. Theyre just little girls. I was a girl scout too and my mom was the leader of the group and all but this is just sick and people who make fake money just to get cookies….that makes me sick. People should be put away for that……

  5. Great. TC-chan you might be a bigger jackass than the thieves. They didn’t make fake money to buy cookies. They made fake money to get $93.50 in change to most likely spend on drugs. No drug dealer or any actually store would take a fake $100. Is it making sense now?


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