“Licentious” Plate Tribute Rejected

Virginia woman says “STFU” license tag was to honor late friend

DECEMBER 11–The way the woman tells it, the vanity license plates on her Volkswagen Jetta were meant as a tribute to a friend who died from cancer. The Commonwealth of Virginia, however, had a different interpretation of “STFU-PLS.”

Acting on a September e-mail complaint that the acronym stood for “Shut The Fuck Up Please,” the Department of Motor Vehicles quickly recalled the plates, sending her a letter noting that the tags were “issued in error” and no longer valid. Along with the correspondence, DMV officials sent her new plates (the less distinctive “KDA 347”) and asked her to return the personalized plates in a self-addressed envelope they provided.

She responded with an amusing October letter in which she explained the supposedly true meaning of “STFU-PLS”. She noted that she would not allow the state to “tell me what I can and cannot say on my license plates because of what you THINK it means. This goes against my first amendment rights.” Additionally, in an e-mail to TSG, she added, “God the American Government sucks. Freedom of speech my ass.”

STFU PLS license plate

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  1. February 12th, 2007 at 1:31 am
    “I gotta get one when I transfer to Stanford University!!!”
    – Dave

    “Ohhh. Look at me everybody Im going too Stanford University” you couldnt say “when I move” or “when I go to school”, No,…. you had to Shout!!! about your stupid “Stanford University!!!”. God you must be one insecure loser to have the need to find a way to talk about that on a coment page for some chicks lisence plate problems.

    Damon B.
  2. oh,……………well,………….I knew that. I have known it for like 12 years probally longer than you knew it. I went there and to Princeton and Harvard as well so I know all about all the stuff you know about plus more so thank you very much “Ari” but go be a talent agent or whatever dude. You have been POWNED mofo. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-FACE oh yes double POWNAGE dude thats rough.

    Damon B.
  3. Damon B–wahahahaha—YOU went to harvard?—I bet you didn’t even see the community college after you dropped outta 9th grade

    oh boy–sooo funny


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