1. Final picture is a photoshop. You can tell by looking at the shadows and reflections, how that when the vehicles turns sideways the shadows cast turn sideways too.

  2. wow… this is almost as old as me.

    is there nothing new and funny anywhere?

    Don Fauntleroy
  3. WOW really funny pics… but the last one is the same as the fourth pics with a lil tweaking with the photoshop…. But then it evokes a laugh at first glance

    hari kumar
  4. Well, all of those onlookers were extremely well behaved – in the time it took for the second truck to arrive they never moved from their positions, didn’t even turn around!

    Steve V
  5. Yeah Photoshop job, you can also tell by the fact that the car is craned up from under the wsunken truck, obviously the reverse order of what would happen if it really did. And the people in the last photo are far too relaxed considering a large truck supposedly just flew by them and into the water.

    I lol’d though, nice bit of slapstick.

    Steven Stevenson
  6. Wow that had to suck…you can tell that last one is photoshopped but it still evokes a laugh and “oh damn” at first glance. I would believe the rest of them…but that last one is obvious…if that truck had tipped then the truck it was liftin outta the water wouldn’t be floating on the surface as it appears to be. With Steven…I think the car fell next to the truck in the water…not underneath.

    It was still rather amusing either way ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. and not to mention all the cars in the background that have driven off between the last two pics!!!!!! funnny at first though

    Neil Gallacher
  8. cool but can tell the last one is fake because the water is completely undisturbed from the multi ton truck falling back in.

    Ben beau
  9. Take a look at 5th and last one pic, they are the same, look the people in back… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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