Some guy escapes from prison.

He enters a house and finds this couple in bed.

He asks the guy to stand up and he ties him to a chair, then, while tying the woman to the bed, he approaches her, kisses her on the neck, then stands up and goes to the bathroom.

The man says to the woman:

– Look at this criminal! He was probably in jail for years and didn’t see a woman in ages. I saw how he kissed you on the neck. If he wants sex, don’t fight him, give him satisfaction, even if you’re disgusted! He’s dangerous, if he gets mad he will kill us both. Be strong my darling! I love you!

The woman:

– He didn’t kiss me on the neck, he was whispering something in my ear. He told me that he’s gay and he thinks you’re cute, then he asked me if there’s any vaseline in the house. I told him it’s in the bathroom. Be strong darling! I love you too.

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