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Large Hadron Collider Live Webcams

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Driving under the influence…

Share… of Gilmore Girls? AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine state police say a Kentucky motorist had an excuse when she was stopped because she watching a TV show while driving on I-95. Spokesman Steve McCausland says the motorist told a trooper that she was tired and was watching the “Gilmore Girls” on her laptop computer to […]

Stealing From Girl Scouts

ShareHaving trouble believing that this video is real. If it is, there isn’t much to say about this… stunning.

Texan tries to cash $360bn cheque, gets arrested

ShareA man in the US state of Texas has been arrested for allegedly trying to cash a cheque for $360bn (£182bn). Charles Ray Fuller had said he wanted to start a record business, authorities in the state said. The 21-year-old’s attempt to cash the money in a bank in Fort Worth failed when staff spotted […]

Girl Scouts Ripped Off By Con Artists

ShareThieves get cookies, $93.50 in change; victimized troop gets $100 donated WESTMINSTER, Colo. – A pair of con artists ripped off a Girl Scout group when they exchanged a fake $100 bill for cookies, police said. The unknown couple handed over the bill Friday night at a supermarket, telling the girls it had been washed […]

Youth suspended over sketch of gun

ShareOfficials say drawing by teen ‘absolutely considered a threat’ A 13-year-old boy has been suspended for three days by an Arizona public school because he sketched a picture that resembled a gun, something school officials said they “absolutely” believed could pose a threat. “My son is a very good boy,” Paul Mosteller told the television […]

Full swimming pool stolen

ShareBurglary at a whole new level…. “PATERSON, New Jersey (AP) — Daisy Valdivia is annoyed that someone stole her backyard pool — and baffled at how they did it without leaving behind a splash, drip or trace of the 1,000 gallons of water it contained. Valdivia awoke to find her family’s hip-high, inflatable, 10-foot diameter […]


ShareWhat do you do after waiting hours or days in line to get an iPhone ? If you’re like this guy, you could open the case like an idiot and drop the iPhone on concrete. He was probably very anxious to see it…

Bush’s watch getting stolen ?

ShareWatch closely Bush’s arm and watch. They claim that the watch dropped and was recovered by a bodyguard, but it’s a bit odd that it dropped just when someone was “shaking his hand”, isn’t it ?

Sat nav driver’s car hit by train

ShareWhat sort of driver are you if you leave your car on the railway just because your satellite navigation device doesn’t tell you that there’s a railway there ? ” A 20-year-old student’s car was wrecked by a train after she followed her sat nav system onto a railway track. Paula Ceely, was driving her […]